Retail cannabis and marijuana farm operations require a comprehensive security plan. The unification of physical security, video surveillance and IT security requires professionals with experience across all three security disciplines. Miller Tech Cannabis Security has the unique cannabis industry experience to ensure state compliance requirements, safety and security for your medical or recreational marijuana operation.

No aspect of IT, physical or video security is an install it and forget it system. Each system requires on-going monitoring, maintenance, and management by trained professionals. Video surveillance systems, in particular, have become one of the largest targets by hackers and bad actors on the Internet, yet most video camera systems are installed by unqualified installers that do not understand the implications of exposing video security equipment to the public Internet community. The professionals at Miller Tech have the knowledge and experience needed to set up and maintain a robust and secure system.

Miller Tech Cannabis Security was created to service the unique security needs of the legal cannabis industry.   It is a division of Miller Technologies, LLC, a leader in the Information Technology (IT) and Video Surveillance Security industry since 1996.

​We offer solutions that integrate all aspects of your security plan with your facilities operations and management into one seamless program. Not only do we design your security plan, install and manage all your IT security equipment and Video Surveillance systems, we create customized security policies and procedures based upon our proprietary risk assessment and mitigation protocols. 

​The Experience Makes The Difference
Miller Tech Cannabis Security Team combines the experience of individuals who have a combined forty years of Information Technology (IT) and Video Surveillance Security expertise. With this experience this makes Miller Technologies Cannabis Security a leader in the Cannabis Security industry!




Miller Tech Cannabis Security  understands that keeping your business in regulatory compliance is just as important as keeping your business secure.


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