Your Customized Cannabis Security Plan is Designed with Work Flow in Mind

A fully integrated security plan should be designed in such a way so to ensure that operational policies and procedures are followed and that the work gets done in an efficient manner.


Your most effective security plan is designed during the “blue print” phase of your project where security risks are assessed and mitigated before construction begins.  It is also the least expensive plan to implement since it will incorporate work flow needs with a security mindset during the design phase of your facility.  This eliminates work arounds and design changes after the fact.

We recognize that existing facilities may not have the option to redesign their entire physical plant from the ground up so we also offer our services a la carte, depending upon your requirements.

Physical Security Information Management
  • Design

  • Integration

  • Installation and Configuration

  • IT Interface

  • Centralized Reporting System with Real Time and Archived Data

Access Control (ACS)
  • Card Readers

  • Locking Hardware – Mechanical and Electronic

  • Doors

On-Going Support
  • Security Management

  • Annual Security Review

  • Technology Updates

  • Single Point of Contact for Support

Project Management
  • Design and Implementation

  • Schedule Management

  • Resource Management

  • Testing

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Design Consulting

Video Surveillance
  • Cameras

  • Digital Recorders

  • iSCSI

  • Access Control and Intrusion Detection Integration

  • Monitoring

  • Pre-alarm video

  • Advanced Video Analytics

Miller Tech Cannabis Security  understands that keeping your business in regulatory compliance is just as important as keeping your business secure.


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